For a democratic and social Europe!

Against the violence of the multinationals!

Whilst we are being told over and over again that democracy has been the best of all possible polities and Western democracy the best of all democracies, globalisation paves the way to an ever increasing de-democratisation of all walks of life. Political decisions are being taken at levels farther away from citizens and the most important economic rules are being dictated by companies and their lobbies that are not democratically legitimised - which is the called ?free market?.
One of those lobbying organisations is the World Economic Forum (WEF) that is going to hold its European meeting from 1 July to 3 July in Salzburg. The WEF is planning to coin a ?corporate identity? for the continent under the pr-slogan ?Building on Diversity?.

.) Democratically legitimised institutions are still being toppled, companies earning turnovers in the billions are supposed to dominate the destiny of hundreds of millions of people even more and practically uncontrolled.

.) An elitist group of males with some token women are among themselves! That very same male society that has led the world on the verge of ruin and has marginalized women claims diversity.

.) The ?fortress Europe?, the ?eastern tower? of which Austria has been so far is to be enlarged and new invincible walls are to be built.

.) While capital is moving freely, both the participation and the rights of the employed and unemployed and migrants are to be discussed solely as far as market commercialisation is concerned.

.) Genetically engineered food is to replace products from ecologically oriented agriculture and the transnational companies? patents are to block any social innovation.

These are only but a few backlashes that are to be propagated under the slogan ?Europe: Building on Diversity? by more than a thousand managers, politicians and experts in Salzburg.
But since Seattle, Prague, Nice, Davos and Porto Alegre the self-appointed ?global leaders? have had to take into consideration the resistance of those, who consider social justice, health, a natural environment as well as peaceful living together on equal terms more important than profit-seeking and companies? interests: Unions, farmers? associations, associations of the unemployed, youth organisations, environmentalists, women?s lib, migrant movements and many other united people have raised their voices against the companies? and their accomplices? wheelings and dealings.
On the occasion of the WEF in Salzburg we also support the protest in Austria the character of which has to be peaceful and non-violent. We strictly protest criminalizing and media biasing those who object to this kind of globalisation. The present kind of globalisation is so violent (it?s a real threat to life and health of humans, despoliates the countryside, and is a threat to cultural diversity) that it is absurd and cynical to label those as violent criminals who are demanding a different kind of globalisation.

At the same time we realise constitutional rights to be jeopardized if 5000 policemen are mobilized to safeguard a club of private enterprises, to prevent demonstrations or to frighten and criminalize potential participants in advance.
By mobilizing the police the state legitimises violent globalisation and its representatives while those who want to stop that violence have to justify themselves for their conviction! We demand full respect of our democratic rights by the authorities in charge, especially the right to freedom of assembly and to open the borders during the meeting which were closed due to the suspension of the Schengen Agreement.

We are supporting the idea of a social and democratic Europe in Salzburg above all lies in the interest of all citizens who do not want a handful of multimillionaires to turn back the course of history on the pretext of globalisation.

The WEF has to be toppled from power.
Against the dictatorship of transnational companies! For a democratic and social Europe!
Jobs, education and health instead of profits! Half the world and power to women! Secure living for everybody!

General Assembly of Attac Austria
Euro-March Austria


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