DKP - German Communist Party

Hoffnungstr. 18
45127 Essen

Statement of the DKP -German Communist Party
On the Attacks in the USA


It is with deep consternation we recieved the deplorable news of the
terrorist attacks on the USA.

We wish to confer to you, substitute for those uncountable victims who
yesterday lost their lives, workers and and employees alike, our deepest
sorrow and expression of solidarity.

We condemn these attacks as they are counterproductive in the development
of the needed solutions for those political and social problems facing us
all. At the same time such attacks are a result of the politics of the
United States Government which has in the past supported terrorist
activity in many parts of the world, such as in the Near East or in the Balkan

Our vision is one of the strengthening and deepening of international
relations on the principles of peace. We work to the means of solidarity
of all anti-imperialist forces.

German Communist Party
Executive board
Heinz Stehr, Chairman; Nina Hager and Rolf Priemer, Vice-chairpersons

Essen, September 12, 2001


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