Criminal attack against human life and peace

Declaration of Gennaro Migliore, head of the Prc International Department

The present day marks a dramatic escalation in the strategy of violence in the world.

The tragic attack which has killed people and destroyed US symbols must be severely condemned, as we have always condemned and will irreducibly condemn any act of terrorism against defenceless women and men. Thousands of lives have been disrupted by an absurd and criminal suicide strategy.
We share the unanimous grief of all those who feel the sorrow and the tragedy which affected thousands of families and friends of the victims, whose only fault was to be there, in a place hit by this absurd and criminal violence.
During the last few hours claims for responsibilities and their prompt denials do not give a clear picture about who is behind this horrible attack, indeed the whole international community significantly condemned it. We feel a great concern about democracy and we urge the conscience of any woman and man to enhance the space for democratic acting and practice to avoid any reaction inspired by hatred and violence. We must defeat the logic of violence and retaliations which would weaken the already fragile and deteriorated guarantees for a peaceful living together after this traumatic change of the international scenario.

Rome, 11th September 2001


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